The National Association for Charitable Textile Recycling

Karen Storry Joins NACTR’s Advisory Board

NACTR Advisory Board is strengthen by a new member! We are excited to welcome Karen Storry to our team. Karen’s experience at Metro-Vancouver will be an asset that will help us with our mission.

Don’t know Karen? Here is a quick recap:

Karen is a Senior Engineer with Metro Vancouver Solid Waste Services. She has worked on various waste reduction and recycling projects over the past 10 plus years from feasibility studies on turning wood waste into particle board to implementing recycling programs in regional parks. Metro Vancouver estimates that 1.1 billion single-use items are disposed annually in the region. And, as the lead for the region’s single-use item reduction work, it is Karen’s job to research how we can reduce plastic waste through circular economy programs, polices and business practices. She is well versed in textile diversion and has played an integral part in Metro-Vancouver’s ‘Think Thrice’ campaign.

Welcome Karen!

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