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Municipal Waste Audit Guide

The National Association for Charitable Textile Recycling’s Post-Consumer Textile (PCT) Audit Guide was created to provide waste auditors and municipalities across Canada with a resource to help in the planning, design, and analysis of waste audits to measure textiles currently ending up in municipally managed waste streams.

This first of its kind guide was developed in partnership and informed by the experiences of the Ontario Textile Diversion Collaborative, Recyc-Quebec, City of Toronto, Metro-Vancouver, National Association for Charitable Textile Recycling, and the City of Guelph in 2019. Further revisions and contributions in 2020 and 2021 included AET Group INC and KNOW IPR. We thank them for their meaningful contributions.

We invite you to utilize this free document. Using the guide and textile definitions for future waste audits will improve future research and information sharing across the industry! Please feel free to share this email so that may reach all those interested in this work.

To download a copy of the Textile Audit Guide, and to be included for future updates, please fill out the form.

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