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The National Association for Charitable Textile Recycling exists to unite Canadian charities and promote the positive social and environmental impacts of charitable textile reuse, recycling and thrift retail. As a collaborative and progressive network, we are working together towards a circular economy.

NACTR Membership Requirements

Organization must be headquartered or based in Canada.

Organization must be a registered charity or not-for-profit entity.

Active in collecting post-consumer textile waste for fundraising efforts.

Become a part of NACTR

  • You will be part of the bigger picture with collective shared messaging to divert more textiles from landfill and into our members’ hands.
  • Uphold standards of integrity and trust throughout the membership, including committing to our National Collection Bin Policy & Standards.
  • Stay informed with: industry focused newsletters; member centric information sessions; navigating textile the diversion landscape; environmental initiatives; innovations and developments in textile diversion.
  • Share our combined social impact, promoting our own brands in the process. Creating much-needed industry focused databases, creating a foundation for future extended producer responsibility (EPR) in textiles. All equating to provincial and potentially federal funding streams to support our recycling efforts.
  • Be the change! By joining and supporting NACTR you will also be contributing to research and innovation in progressing post-consumer textile waste towards a circular economy.

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What is Associate Membership?

Membership for people from municipalities, associations, academia, and other industry partners to receive newsletters and industry information. You can become an Associate Member anytime of the year, with no commitment. You’ll be receiving NACTR correspondence throughout the year with vital information.

Associate Membership is a new way to get involved with NACTR and support our mission.

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