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NACTR Webinar Series: Maximizing Apparel Diversion in Canada

Missed the insightful webinar on Maximizing Apparel Diversion in Canada? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! You can now access the recording of this engaging session to discover the untapped potential within Canada’s discarded apparel landscape.

Webinar Overview:

During this webinar, we delved into eye-opening statistics that revealed only 24% of the estimated 1.3 million tonnes of discarded apparel generated annually in Canada find their way to reuse and recycling channels. The question arose: how can we effectively increase the diversion of the remaining 76%?

Studies have shown that a staggering 95% of this discarded apparel holds significant value, presenting an opportunity for life extension through thrift and secondary markets. Our expert guest speakers shed light on the strategies needed to capture and leverage this value, unlocking a $7 billion industry potential that supports communities, the environment, and the economy.

Featured Guest Speakers:

Christina Seidel, P.Eng., PhD – Recycling Council of Alberta
With her expertise in Engineering Management and Environmental Science, Christina Seidel, Executive Director of the Recycling Council of Alberta, shared valuable insights into waste reduction strategies and their impact on the environment. Passionate about rural life, Christina lives on a farm near Bluffton, Alberta, where she enjoys outdoor activities with her family and raises Warmblood horses.

Robert Kenney – Nova Scotia Environment and Climate Change
Bob Kenney, with over 25 years of experience at Nova Scotia Environment, has been dedicated to solid waste diversion and its associated economic benefits. His work includes developing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations, supporting waste diversion businesses and municipal programs, and coordinating research for challenging waste materials, including plastics.

Watch the Webinar Recording:

Now you can watch the full webinar and gain valuable insights from our expert guest speakers. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore innovative approaches and best practices to drive apparel diversion in Canada, leading us towards a more sustainable future.

Watch webinar recording below:

Thank you for your interest in creating a positive impact through apparel diversion and supporting our mission at the National Association for Charitable Textile Recycling (NACTR).

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