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Introducing our curated collection of exceptional municipal textile programs! These programs showcase the best practices in textile recycling, featuring fixed donation spaces at transfer stations and recycling depots, free stores, as well as engaging pop-up community events like donation drives. Led by municipalities in collaboration with charitable organizations or community associations, these initiatives ensure that received donations are directed to suitable charitable partners or recycling enterprises.


Learn from Experiences

City of Vancouver Reuse and Recycle events (BC). The City of Vancouver partners with local organizations like reBOOT Canada, Encorp, Call2Recycle, LightRecycle, Electrorecycle, Product Care, and other charitable organizations to host reuse and drop-off events to make it convenient for residents to dispose of items that can be reused or recycled. Expanding this initiative is part of the 2040 zero waste strategic plan.

Fundy Region Reuse Connections Donation Events (NB). Donation event where residents can bring household items and clothing for donation to a range of charitable partners. The event is hosted in a tent at the exhibition centre. The event also accepts broken electronics for e-waste recycling.

City of Toronto Community Environment Days (ON). The City hosts Community Environment Days in every ward and at Drop-Off Depots to help reduce the amount of reusable or recyclable waste going to landfill. The City of Toronto partners with a non-profit agency to collect household items for donations, including textiles. Residents can also pick up free compost for gardening at each event. Over 58500 kg (128970 lb) of textiles have been collected since 2019.

The City of Markham has integrated clothing donation bins into their strategy, with corresponding by-laws.

Mt. Lorne Transfer Station Free Store (YT). Public can drop items off for $1 fee charged per bag of donations drop-off and $10 fee for donation of bigger items like couches and mattresses. Visitors can visit the store and take away items for free. Leftover textiles received are sent to Vancouver or Edmonton for recycling. The Mt Lorne Free Store also has a Facebook page, where residents can give away items without visiting the site, or can email Mt Lorne with items to post online.

Metro Vancouver Reuse Days at Recycling & Waste Centres (BC). Metro Vancouver partners with a local non-profit secondhand organization, Urban Repurpose, to divert materials for reuse from one of its Recycling and Waste Centre. Urban Repurpose assesses materials being brought into the site and selects items to take to its store for resale or giveaway. 300 to 400kg of material per hour are diverted during Reuse Days. Share Reuse Repair Initiative was contracted by Metro Vancouver to develop a model to scale reuse opportunities at Recycling and Waste Centres which will be available in a publicly accessible report in 2024.


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