The National Association for Charitable Textile Recycling


Collaborators under
a Shared Vision.


Far and wide we are able to come together with a shared vision and mission. National Association for Charitable Textile Recycling is proud to have made so many partners throughout the years across our great country. Our municipal partners are a key component of our zero textile waste and post-consumer textile efforts.

Municipal Pioneers

From small local municipalities to large metropolitan communities. 

Since 2020

Since 2017

Since 2020

Since 2016

Since 2021

Since 2020

Since 2020

Since 2017

Pioneers Checklist

Who do we classify as a Municipal Pioneer?

Municipality must have a current partnership with one or more NACTR members

Municipality must be committed to Textile Diversion Programs

Municipality must be active in sustainability efforts within their community

If your municipality adheres to the above let us know, and we will add them to our list. 

Moving towards a sustainable future

Pioneers of textile waste diversion

For all the most difficult journeys and missions, there must be pioneers to guide the rest. Our pioneers on our mission to a circular economy are the municipal governments that have understood the problems with textile waste. Aligned with NACTR’s core values and mission statement, we are proud to see municipalities all over the country adopt similar programs. The enactment of textiles waste diversion programs are key components to propelling textile waste diversion to mainstream.

Every year we grow more conscious about sustainability and preventing environmental damages. These pioneers are showcasing when there are programs available, people will utilize them.  Textile diversion programs work to combat. 

Advocates of NACTR

Individuals who help us achieve our mission